Why Boopie?

Boopie has many many features! Each made to satisfy your needs! If you are using one bot, it has to have everything you need! Thats why we made boopie so large! So you don't miss a thing! It has moderation, fun, music, ticket system, games and even more!

Numbers Don't Lie

Boopie really does what it promises. It has tonnes of features to help you manage your server with ease!

2500+ Commands

Boopie does a lot more than what you will think of! It has got everything to cover your server needs!

300+ Servers

More than 300 servers are using boopie to cover their server needs! It requires little to no setup!

250,000+ Users

Everyday more than 250,000 people use boopie to do their daily tasks! They love it!

Powerful Automod

Boopie has a really good auto-mod system that can protect your community from raiders and spammers! You only need to setup some configurations! Or you can even make your own auto-mod! We got you covered!

And many many many more features......

Together, let's make your discord server cleaner and better.